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Shega Hasab is a website where traditional medicine clinics reach out their customers for consultation purpose. Our Clinics have Professional and Commercial Licenses from the concerned government offices.

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We are also working to connect innovators with partners to grow their business. If you are innovator, you can find partners by showcasing your innovation.

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Service Lists: Services we provided: -For warts on any part of the body. -For Internal Hemorrhoids up to 4th grade. -For External Hemorrhoids. -Send us request down below.
Experience: Hemorrhoid and Warts
Location: Bahir Dar Kebele 13 around Felege Hiwot Referral Hospital, 10 meters in front of Asinuara Hotel.

   Total Requests: 6

Service Lists: We are here to deliver our traditional medicine clinic service on 👉 warts 👉 Anti painful Internal and External Hemorrhoide 👉 Denderef (Forefor) 👉 Anti Fungal 👉 Gaut (Uric Acid Crystallises and Deposite jn Joints) 👉 Wound Infections and Others
Experience: Warts and Anti painful Hemorrhoid (Internal and External)
Location: North Wollo Woldia Town Kebele 04 Meneharia Main gate at Back of Commercial Bank Mecharie Meda Branch

   Total Requests: 5

Clinic Name: Eyerusalem Traditional Medicine Center
Service Lists: Our Clinic gives the following services 1.hemorrhoids 2.Sexual dysfunction 3.Sexually transmitted disease 4.dermatology 5.liver disease 6.Depression and related issues send your request , we Will respond shortly. Our witnesses are our clients
Experience: Sexual dysfunction
Location: Gondar Ethiopia

   Total Requests: 18

Clinic Name: Mekelit Traditional Medicine clinic
Service Lists: Hemorrhoids Hepatitis Skin problem Urinary tract infection
Experience: Hemorrhoid and Hepatitis

   Total Requests: 4

Clinic Name: አብዲ ያባህል ህክምና መስጫ
Service Lists: ያምከተሉትን አገልግሎት እንሰጣለን ለዕጢ ለኪንታሮት ለስንፈት ለአባላዘር እና ለመንኘዉም በሽታ ያመማከር እና ያህክምና አገልግሎት እንሰጣለን ጥያቄዎን ይለኩልን በአጭር ጌዜ ዉስጥ መብቴ እንሰጣለን
Experience: ዕጢዎች
Location: አዲስ አበባ ደንበል ፊት ለፊት አበሩስ ህንፃ አጠገብ ያለው ህንፃ ለይ 1ኛ ፎቅ

   Total Requests: 3


Product Name: Ewket Betegbar Traditional Medicine Center
Product Description: This product is indicated for men and Women alopecia. It makes hair to shine and even grows new hair. It is 100 % natural product
Location: East Gojam Motta
Price: 3000 ETB

Number Of Requests: 1

Product Name: ዕውቀት በተግባር የባህላዊ ህክምና ማዕከል
Product Description: ራስመድ የጸጉር ቅባት / ጸረ ፈንገስ / ቅባት ሲሆን - ለራስ ቁስል - ለፎረፎር - ለቆረቆር - ለራስ ቡክ ,,,,,,,, የተባሉ የራስ ጸጉር በሽታወችን ያክማል። በተጨማሪም የሚሰባበር ና የሚሰነጣጠቅ የሚነቃቀል ጸጉርን ያክማል ያፋፋል ።
Price: 3000

Number Of Requests: 1


Innovator Name: Yeniewa Kerie Anagaw
Innovation Description: Food adulteration is the act of intentionally or unintentionally addition, substitution, or replacement of high-quality products with an inferior and even harmful substances. In Ethiopia, different traders of staple foods had been arrested by police being suspected of mixing food items with strange things. Teff is a major food crop used to prepare injera (Ethiopian flatbread) which is a staple food in Ethiopia. Nowadays, there are reports that claim teff flour is adulterated with “Gesso” and other substances, and baked as teff injera. Hence this study is aimed at analytical method development based on a PAD that is simple, user-friendly, and onsite testing system for adulteration detection in teff injera. PADs were printed with solid ink printer. Analytical grade chemicals and reagents were employed. A tube test was carried out for this study as a supportive method and as preliminary test. On the PAD test card, appropriate reagents were spotted in various lanes at different lines/r
Partner Looking For: Food Producing companies

Number Of Requests: 0



Tana Professional Team

Tana Professional Team is a group of scholars dedicated in research and development of traditional medicines in Ethiopia. The team is mainly comprises pharmacists along with other relevant professionals in the fields related to medicine and botany who are from different Universities in Ethiopia. Our priority area is traditional medicine product value addition, Intellectual Property Rights, medicinal plant conservation and commercializing traditional medicine products.

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